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Dear Ron Rudebock [director of Dining at HSU],

I’m a fourth year student at HSU and I’d like to know whether it’s possible to have nutritional information posted in the eateries on campus. This past year I’ve lost a lot of weight (eighty pounds) and one of my biggest challenges was having to estimate the number of calories in the non-packaged food on campus. I’ve noticed in some places there is nutritional information (e.g. the soup in College Creek Marketplace) and it would be very helpful if this were available all around campus. I realize in some places this would be difficult because the menu changes constantly (e.g. the J) but in many places, like the Depot, there is a limited menu so it seems manageable to calculate that information once and post it.

This would be very helpful not only to students who are trying to lose weight, but also those who just want to maintain their weight so as not to gain weight in college. It’s similar to posting the price of food–not everybody needs this information, but for those people who need to stay within a budget (caloric budget or financial budget), it’s incredibly helpful to have that information right there. Even people who aren’t thinking about managing their weight make better decisions if they have the information available to them.

Please let me know if there is a possibility of this becoming available, and thank you for your time.


Masha Melnik

If/when he responds to my email, I’ll post it here. 🙂

Edit: He responded super quickly and with a great answer.


Thank you for your note and congratulations on your weight loss.

We have been slowly working on a nutritional information web site and being able to post he information. A link to our prototype is below for you to look at what we have been doing. We have a person assigned to work on it each week and she has been making progress so that we are close to adding the page and link to our web site and creating signage to be posted with the info.

Again, Thank you for your comments for it helps us to stay motivated to complete this project.



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