a decision and an observation

Decision:  I’m going to keep weighing myself every day and keep track of daily weight on paper, but only input my weight on Tuesdays and Fridays into LoseIt (thus it’ll only be posted on Facebook on those days).  That way I won’t be worrying about daily fluctuations.  I chose those days because on both of them I have to be on campus at a set time so I have to get up at a certain time so there’ll be a bit more consistency in the time of day I weigh myself).

Observation:  I’m getting muscles in my arms!  Yay for having to dance around while holding a Wii remote up high!


before and after part I

After viewing lots of before and after pictures on the LoseIt.com forums I decided to post my own here.  The one on the left is August 2010 (this past summer) after I got my copy of The Greatest Show On Earth signed by Richard Dawkins*!  And the one on the right was taken today.  20 pounds down. 🙂


I called this note part I since there’ll be more in the future!

*Note on October 2016: I’m no longer such a fan of Richard Dawkins after seeing his opinions on…many things.