time for some honesty

I’m losing weight. Okay, I said it. On numerous occasions, I’ve tried to lose weight, but always kept it to myself (or at least, never told people except family members). I guess I’ve always been embarrassed by it. I’m not anymore. One of the predictors of successful weight loss and maintenance is social support, so I’m reaching out to my friends and keeping you all in the loop.

Specific goals:

1. In terms of actual weight loss, a few weeks ago I decided to first lose 20 pounds, maintain it for a bit, and then lose more after. I don’t have a specific amount in mind yet but I believe 40 pounds is a good amount. At that point, I’ll decide how I feel and whether I need to lose more (most likely yes).

2. I’m going to be a bridesmaid in a wedding in about 1.5 years. The dress the bridesmaids will be wearing is a dress we all wore several years ago in another wedding, when I weighed less. So I intend to get to a weight where I can fit into it again. (Over Spring Break when I’m back home I’ll try it on to estimate how much that will require.)

3. Not get winded walking upstairs and on hills. Or at least not a disproportionate amount of out-of-breathness.

Things that will make this possible:

1. For the first time in my life, I feel highly motivated to lose weight. This (like many other things) is something you really can’t force someone to do, so it’s important that I finally feel like this is important to me.

2. It’s the beginning of the semester. It’s very hard to schedule exercise and preparing meals into a schedule that’s already set, but since it’s the beginning of the semester, I can make them habits that are just part of my daily/weekly life.

3. A very nice person gave me his old iPod Touch, which gave me access to a handy application called LoseIt application, which keeps track of food and exercise. You can also have it post updates on Facebook or Twitter, which helps for motivation. I’m actually finding tracking all of this stuff fun!

4. I’m losing weight for health, not because I’m unhappy with what I see in the mirror. In the last couple of years, I’ve become very comfortable with myself. I think it’s partly because I’ve been around a lot of body-acceptance discussion, and that really helps! It’s empowering to be comfortable and proud of my body, because that means I know it is strong enough to exercise and get me healthy!

5. I really enjoy healthy food, including vegetables.

6. My parents are supportive and able and willing to pay for healthy food and exercise equipment.

7. I’m not thinking of this as a diet program that I have to do for a certain amount of time and can quit once I lose the weight. I’m just thinking of this as a fundamental life change; I am working on becoming a person who eats right and exercises as part of a daily routine. That helps because this isn’t just something I feel I have to get through; it is just becoming part of who I am.

So that’s the deal. There are obstacles too (the one I’m most afraid of is losing motivation) but I’m not going to focus on that right now.

And on a happy note, as of this morning, I’ve lost 10.2 pounds. And it required no deprivation, hunger, or painful exercise. Just eating reasonable amounts and doing exercises that I quite like anyway. 🙂


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I've been writing about my weight loss (-100lbs, now just -80 bc of regain) for years. Now I also write about science. Find me at thegeneticsgal.com and say hi.

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